Parce Domine Willette

Belle Époque

The Belle Époque (Beautiful Age) is an historical, cultural and artistic period, usually situated between the last two decades of the 1800 and the beginning of World War I. The nostalgic name “beautiful age” recalls the sparkling mood that the insistent discoveries of the time had spread all over the West.

Paris, nerve center of this explosion of progress and promises, was riddled with “Wonder Factories” that made her a model of global innovation.

(To discover some of those wonders, read the series: Wonder Factories of the Belle Époque: when man toyed with the impossible)

(Photo: Parce Domine, Parce Populo Tuo, 1884 (Forgive, Lord, Forgive your people) by Adolphe Willette, huge canvas exposed at the Cabaret du Chat Noir, one of the key places of the parisian artistic Belle Époque)